Elm Imprint

Drum and Bass Record Label

ELM Imprint is an independent record label based in the United States of America. Primarily releasing Drum & Bass, the label was started in 2015.

Artist roster: 6blocc. Al Pack. Air Strike. A Sides. Bill & Ed. Bonk. Calculon. Dave Owen. Deinfamous (dj). Dfly. Dlo. Edward The Librarian (dj). Elijah Divine. End.User. Hittin’ Switches. Hungry T.  Ill Omen. Jaybee. Javano. Kalu. Kjell. Larigold, Mixed Media. MsDos. Mutt. Patrick Currier. Pish Posh. Ray Keith. R.A.W. Robert Manos. Sopheye. Special ED (dj). Spinscott. Tedder. Tiffany Johnston. Tribe Steppaz. Will Miles. Willie Waldman.