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ELM Imprint is proud to announce its 2nd vinyl release!

Spinscott, the American Junglist who’s incredible finger drumming has been show cased all over the internet and the world. Spinscott a lifelong drummer, DJ, and Producer, combines advanced mixing skills, loop-free one shots, and his signature real-time finger drumming to this anticipated second vinyl release.

The A side is titled "Love Light". Like a fine whiskey, it gives hints to mid to late '90's Good Looking Records along with flairs of Metalheadz atmospheric textures. Acting like a time machine hauling you back to a “Golden Era” of the Jungle / Drum & Bass sound. Then as the waves of rolling baselines wash over you and Spinscott’s amen finger drumming fills in the soundscapes it creates a full featured sonic pleasure for the senses.

The B side is "Make It Funky". This atmospheric liquid funk number lulls you into a comfortable groove. Then sneaks up and punches you with a full on Reece inspired bassline and some wildstyle amen breaks. The break down provides a second to gather your bearings as the song is pulled apart, restructured, and sent out into space. All the while settling you back into a solid ass shaking groove.

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Release date 7/28/17

ELM Imprint is excited to present ‘Duck for Cover, the most recent release from the dynamic duo Bill & Ed. Hailing from the capital beltway, Bill & Ed engage the audience with a diverse range of vocals, infectious amen drums and bass lines that will have you strapping on you dancing shoes and head bobbing you way down the road. This strong second release from Bill & Ed will be a must have for the summer of 2017.

The title track ‘Duck for Cover’ champions the vocal styling of Elijah Divine. Bill & Ed maintain a perfect balance of 90's era delicate synths against some serious head banger jungle breaks and bouncy bass lines.

'Jungle Robot' is a grand mix of classic late 90's sound mixed with current production techniques. Those drums have space to breath, allowing the full force of the bass lines to step forward. The swirling audio assault of vocal snippets pulls you in, allowing you to hear more with every listen.

'Move' this aptly named track's gritty infectious energy will have you smiling and bopping in no time. The gritty bass, a dynamic drums and strong vocals creates a well-deserved floor stomper for 2017. It would not be a stretch to say Bill & Ed were channeling the musical styling’s of T-Power & Adam F on this one.

'Wollen' intelligent or liquid either way this track embodies the full spectrum of this Drum & Bass sub genera. This track has a strong female vocal with a complex but danceable drum arrangement. But the cosmic set of pads and synth stabs really help to set this track apart from the rest of the release. Only going to show that this team will not be pigeon holed.   

1. Bill & Ed - Duck for Cover
2. Bill & Ed - Jungle Robot
3. Bill & Ed - Move
4. Bill & Ed - Wollen

Available in all digital stores 07/3/17
Photo Credit: Steve Broy